Been a long time since a post, sorry to my massive audience :)

Being the nerd that I am I adopted Multichoice’s HD offering as it was released. There were/are numerous things that I hate(d) about the new HD decoder. It’s buggy, it’s slow, and so on. But most of all what I hate is the seriously limited content that is available on the DSTV bouquet.

I am absolutely in love with the picture quality of the HD broadcasts, but it seems to me as Multichoice was just not prepared when they launched this system. The decoder out the box was buggy with debugging messages all over the place. The Olympics was a good platform to launch from, after it was over, I got really excited to see M-Net in HD, to be disappointed, there was no Carte Blanche at the usual 7pm timeslot. What Multichoice failed to mention was that M-Net HD is not normal M-Net, its basically a new channel with the odd ‘Simulcast’ (eg: Show’s run concurrently on standard M-Net and M-Net HD). I was looking forward to was the Saturday sport, Carte Blanche and other shows in HD. Only recently (this weekend) did they show some rugby in HD. It was BRILLIANT (ok and the Shark’s won :D).

All I ask now of Multichoice is to add some more HD content/channels to the bouquet, there is simply not enough available at the moment and the HD decoder is not worth the investment at this point. I would like to see a roadmap from Multichoice showing the plans of when they are going to add more HD channels, so people can plan when they want to buy and not be fooled as I was into believing that there is an abundance of HD programming.

With that said, HD is the future and is brilliant, I just want more now.

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