Kannel Web Configuration

I have written a web based configuration tool for Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS gateway. I think it is quite useful even in its current early stages hence I have released it Open Source as donation-ware.

If you find this software useful and would like to see it expanded, please donate.

Download here

Current features:

  • Update Kannel configuration files
  • View Kannel status
  • Stop/start SMSC’s

Planned features:

  • Gateway testing
  • Live configuration tweaking


  • Paulo (5 years)

    This is a great product, thank you very much!

  • [...] Kannel Web Configuration [...]

  • ELmer (5 years)

    im getting this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /var/www/lib/KWC_Kannel.class.php on line 60

  • Gian (5 years)

    Thanks for this very useful tool! downloaded it yesterday… today, kannel is working!

  • Donald Jackson (5 years)

    @Elmer – You need to have libcurl installed with your PHP installation. On CentOS you can try “yum install php-curl” and on debian/ubuntu you can try “apt-get install php5-curl”

    Hope this helps…

  • Antonio (4 years)

    can show any example for kannel.conf in windows, finaly after configurate in web interface?
    Tks so much.

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