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Kannel Web Configuration Tool

Following on with my previous themes of making Kannel easier to use for everyone, I have spent some time creating a tool which I think makes it easier to configure Kannel. It is a web based configuration tool which edits Kannel configuration files directly (doesn’t rely on any third party databases etc). I wrote it in PHP to keep it simple.

Current features

  • Edit existing configuration files
  • Add new configuration groups (smsc’s, smsbox-route, sendsms-user, etc)
  • Based on the cfg.def from Kannel CVS 1.4.2 as of 2008/12/18

Features in progress

  • Live updates to Kannel without restart for SMPP/EMI and smsbox-route’s (patch of Kannel CVS required)

Coming soon

  • User authentication
  • Kannel analytics and monitoring
  • Audit trails of changes
  • Other live updates

I am looking for feedback on the tool and when I believe it is stable enough and usable enough I will release it. You can see the beta of this tool here:

Enjoy! Please comment on the blog or email me at with feedback.

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  1. Bashir Jahed


    Hi Donald,

    This is a great tool...

    I would love it, will make my life so much easier..

    How long till ready for release?

  2. Donald Jackson


    Thanks Bashir, hopefully not just yours!

    I will aim for a late January 2008 release, need a holiday :)

  3. Jalil


    thank you for this, waiting for the release day, keep the good work, we might working together, we looking to implement Kannel next year, I will let you know


  4. Bashir Jahed


    Eagerly anticipating the release...

    Great Work...

    Have a great holiday.... And Merry Xmas 2 all

  5. hayata



    when will the download available? look quite comprehensive, definitely will help my IT dept to manage the kannel by themself.

  6. Karl


    Hi Donald,

    I just downloaded your KWC and i love it, you've done a great job. I saw on the roadmap page that you have plans for 'Live' SMSC (SMPP + EMI) configuration without Kannel restart
    'Live' smsbox-route configuration without Kannel restar and Other 'live' configuration changes to Kannel.

    Any update on those?

    I can also work on the live update thing without kannel reboot if you give me tips/idea how to got about it. Any changes i made will be forwarded to you if it's worth included in KWC.

    feedback will be appreciate

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