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CakePHP component to send SMS via Panacea Mobile

Here is a carbon copy of the article I posted on the CakePHP Bakery, listed here for your reading pleasure…


How to motivate software developers

I was thinking the other day about the importance of quality software architecture and about how the planning of such…


Kannel presentation to GeekDinner

Apologies for the delay as I promised to have this up the day after GeekDinner 🙂 Thanks to all those…


Kannel for Windows – Some Cygwin Binaries

A customer of mine recently asked me for a windows version of Kannel. Prior to this I had no experience…


Extracting meta-data from SMPP TLV’s with Kannel

I have been relatively quiet the past few weeks with various operations going on, but seeing as I have a…

Kannel Web Configuration Tool

Following on with my previous themes of making Kannel easier to use for everyone, I have spent some time creating…


Are we training enough Open Source competent people in SA?

Working on the “dark side” of development, ie, the Open Source side has many distinct advantages, but it is becoming…