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The journey to gigabit fibre with Octotel (and Vanilla)

A brief history I was privileged enough to get onto the internet from home in 1995 courtesy of my parents…


How to motivate software developers

I was thinking the other day about the importance of quality software architecture and about how the planning of such…


Kannel for Windows – Some Cygwin Binaries

A customer of mine recently asked me for a windows version of Kannel. Prior to this I had no experience…


Extracting meta-data from SMPP TLV’s with Kannel

I have been relatively quiet the past few weeks with various operations going on, but seeing as I have a…


HOWTO: Connect Kannel to an SMPP Server

Today I will be covering how to connect Kannel gateway to an SMPP Server. Following on from my previous post,…


HOWTO: Compile Kannel on Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.04

Hey everyone, I am putting together a multi-part post on how to compile Kannel as well as connect it to…


How to measure website success? Page views or time?

I just thought I’d share an interesting article with the rest of you, because it made me think about how…

Mac OS X on a PC Update + Ubuntu 7

Some of you may have read my initial, extremely short and uninformative post about installing Mac OS X on my…