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Kannel presentation to GeekDinner

Apologies for the delay as I promised to have this up the day after GeekDinner 🙂 Thanks to all those…


Kannel for Windows – Some Cygwin Binaries

A customer of mine recently asked me for a windows version of Kannel. Prior to this I had no experience…


Extracting meta-data from SMPP TLV’s with Kannel

I have been relatively quiet the past few weeks with various operations going on, but seeing as I have a…


Kannel Web Configuration Tool v0.1 available

Hi everyone, I have ‘released’ version 0.1 of the Kannel Web Configuration tool. I have created somewhat of a home…

Kannel Web Configuration Tool

Following on with my previous themes of making Kannel easier to use for everyone, I have spent some time creating…


HOWTO: Connect Kannel to an SMPP Server

Today I will be covering how to connect Kannel gateway to an SMPP Server. Following on from my previous post,…


HOWTO: Compile Kannel on Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.04

Hey everyone, I am putting together a multi-part post on how to compile Kannel as well as connect it to…